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Jolene Whitley Hair Design has been providing hair systems to the Greater Bay Area for the last 14 years. "I have seen all different hair types and worked with every type of hair loss, each one unique to the individual." Our goal is to help people in all different hair loss situations find a solution and make the process better then they ever expected. 






















  • First we offer a free consultation to meet one another and discuss all of your options.


  • We choose a hair system for you by evaluating your unique hair situation as each one is different. Whether it is genetic, hormonal or medical we carefully decide together what is the best option for you. We may find something right here in the shop or we can create & order a custom piece for you. There are many different things to choose from when finding the right hair piece; from color to texture to hair type to method of attachment, we will cover everything during this visit and make sure we find something that really works for you!


  • Maintaince! I believe in teaching you to to care for your new hair, no one should feel helpless when they go home. I will teach you how to care for your hair so that you can feel at ease when doing it on your own. Depending on which method of attachement we choose you, may require monthly appointments so that I can provide you with the correct care. Even if your piece does not require special attention, I provide services on your hairpiece or wig & upkeep on your own hair if you choose. I am a full service studio for my clients. 

"I know that hair is one of the most important parts of ones image. The process of losing your hair and transitioning into wearing a hairpiece can be scary, but I promise I can help make this a smooth process and find a solution unique to you!"


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